Fairfield Core & Recycling
Fairfield Core & Recycling

  • Auto CORES

    A/C Compressor

    Provides critical cool air on hot days found in automobiles.

    Auto Oxygen Sensors

    It determines if there is a  lot or little oxygen in the exhaust, found in automobiles.

    Auto Rack and Pinion

    Steering mechanism found in automobiles.


    Lead-acid batteries labeled "PB" only. All lead acid batteries will have this symbol.

    Clean Copper Radiators

    Copper and brass radiator that is free from and steel or plastic.

    Clean Aluminum Copper Radiator

    Radiator with aluminum fins with copper tubing. All extra steel and plastic removed.

    Clean Aluminum Radiator

    Radiators made of aluminum with no plastic or steel attached.

    Dirty Copper Raditor

    Radiator made of copper and has steel ends still attached.

    Dirty Aluminum Copper Radiator

    Radiator with aluminum fins and copper tubing inside with steel ends.

    Dirty Aluminum Radiator

    Aluminum radiator with plastic ends still attached. 

    Aluminum Rims

    Automobile rims that are at least 15" or bigger. 

    Chrome Rims

    Must have tire removed and have a shiny chrome coating. 

    Auto Starter

    Starter from automobile that has a steel or aluminum nose.


    Found in automobiles they are filled with a wound of copper wire.

    Torq Converter

    Allows transmission to shift gears in automobiles.

    Catalytic Converter

    Helps convert harmful pollutants that a vehicle generates. Found attached to exhaust under the automobile.