Fairfield Core & Recycling
Fairfield Core & Recycling


    Step 1: Drive to Ferrous truck scale

    If you have a big steel load or cars you will first need to drive onto the ferrous truck scale. 

    Step 2: Get your gross weight

     The ferrous truck scale operator will get your gross weight then instruct you where to go from there. Your gross weight will be displayed so you can view your weight. 

    Step 3: Unload scrap metal

    You will unload all steel you have in the steel yard. Be sure to keep all people in your vehicle when you leave so your tare weight will be correct. 

    Step 4: Get your tare weight

    Drive back to the ferrous truck scale to get your tare weight. If you have other metals you will go to the Non-Ferrous building before completing next step.

    Step 5: Get Paid!

    If you are a new customer you will need your drivers license at the pay window. If you are not just tell the secretary your name to get paid. 

    Do you have Non-Ferrous metals as well?