Fairfield Core & Recycling
Fairfield Core & Recycling

  • Non-Ferrous metals

    Bare Bright Copper

    Bare, uncoated, unalloyed copper wire free of attachments, solder and paint.

    #1 Copper

    Bare, uncoated, unalloyed copper free of solder, corrosion, paint, ect.

    #2 Copper

    Copper that contains solder, paint or is coated due to corrosion.

    Strippable Copper Wire

    Copper surrounded by rubber insulation generally size of finger.

    #1 Insulated Copper Wire

    Copper with insulation cover. (75% - 80% copper)

    #2 Insulated Copper Wire

    One piece of bare copper sided with two pieces of #1 insulated wire. (Also known as Romex)

    #3 Insulated Copper Wire

    Misc. wire including extension cords, hdmi cables, ect. (40% copper)

    X-Mas Lights

    Wire with bulb attached commonly used for holidays.

    Clean Electric Motors

    Motor containing copper winding not attached to any excess steel.

    A/C Sealed Unit

    Compressor generally found in A/C's and other appliances. 


    Found in light fixtures, ballast contain a small amount of copper inside them.


    Steel box containing copper winding found in variety of sizes.

    Clean Red Brass

    Free of high lead contamination.

    Clean Yellow Brass

    Mixed brass castings, tape, valves, rod brass.

    Soft Lead

    Lead with no steel or attachments. (easily bendable)

    Hard Lead

    Heavy lead objects such as lead keels from sailboats and heavy weights used for large-scale calibration.

    Clean Stainless Steel

    Must be analyzed and have no attachments. (does not stick to magnet)

    Dirty Stainless Steel

    Appliances containing mostly stainless steel with a small amount of steel attached.

    Aluminum Cans

    Cans made out of pure aluminum.

    Sheet Aluminum

    Many variations of aluminum with no metal or plastic attached.

    Irony Aluminum

    Aluminum containing at the most 20% steel.

    Insulated Aluminum

    Aluminum coated by rubber insulation.

    Window A/C Unit

    Used to cool down rooms. A/C's contain components such as Au/Cu radiator, sealed unit, and electric motor

    Outside A/C Unit

    Contain same material as window A/C. Usually found outside or on top of buildings.