Fairfield Core & Recycling
Fairfield Core & Recycling


    Step 1: Go to Non-Ferrous buying building

    Anything other then steel will come here. This is the destination all your Non-Ferrous metals will be bought. 

    Step 2: Separate metals

    Separate metals into containers to make metals easier to scale. If you need help sorting ask scale operator for assistance. 

    Step 3: Weigh metals on Non-Ferrous scale

    All metals will be separated and weighed accordingly to assure you get the most out of your material. After weighing everything the scale operator will then need your drivers license. 

    Step 4: Get Paid!

     If you are a new customer you will need your drivers license at the pay window. If you are not just tell the secretary your name to get paid.  

    Do you have ferrous metals as well?